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Reading is a good way to top up our knowledge, but between having to run a company, meeting a client and putting out fires (there are always fire somewhere), we have so little time to do so. Still, there are so many things we need to know, and as a social entrepreneur or a budding social entrepreneur, there is such a small tribe that you can bother to ask for advice.

Guess what? I had time on my hands and I love to share what I’ve discovered with you! I’ve been exploring podcasts, and boy oh boy, there are is so much gold to listen to! But, which one should you listen to? Here are my top five recommendations:

Impact Boom doesn’t just cover social entrepreneurship, it also covers topics surrounding social change which includes design, social innovation, entrepreneurship, policy, education, finance, and investment. The good thing about this, the podcast is also accompanied by a blog, you know, if you insist on reading.

Social entrepreneurs have limited resources but million things to do, and this is why this podcast is for you. This podcast interviews people and shares their methodologies and tools that help increase productivity. Mainly focusing on sharing information that will help listeners to manage their time better. This means more time to enjoy nap time, ….. aaaaahhh such a bliss.

The only reason I think you should listen to this podcast is because of its name.

*cough* shameless plug-in*cough*. KIDDING. This podcast interviews the founders of social enterprises from different industries and shares their journey with the listener. This podcast interview leaders of small community-led businesses to CEOs of big impact-driven businesses and everything in between. They believe that everybody and every business has a purpose. Well….. we do too.

This is for my wonder women, the one who dare to play in the field that is mostly dominated by men. This podcast offers insight from female entrepreneurs that have been through it all. This podcast also shares advice and guidance to motivate, kickstart and grow businesses from a perspective that resonates with all the women out there. Ladies, we are all in this together!

Last but not least, this is not for the faint-hearted, because most of Tim Feriss episodes last more than one hour. However, this is my personal favourite. It doesn’t focus on social entrepreneurship, but more towards successful people’s habits, hobbies, and passions. Which in my personal opinion is important in discovering what may lead to the successfulness of the person. Tim also loves efficiency and share tools and advice on how a person can be more efficient in work and life. If you have time to spare, I would recommend you to listen to this. Probably best to listen while stuck in one of Malaysia’s horrendous traffic jams.


My ears are burning now after listening to all these podcasts. Hope you like my suggestions!

P.S: if you need some light-hearted podcasts, I have some of those too. Write in, maybe I’ll share my suggestion on those too!

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